Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More doc appts...

Today I (Rebekah) had my latest doc appointment. Out of all my appointments so far, I think this is the one that I have least looked forward to, due to how invasive one of the procedures would be.
I walked in to my appointment feeling just a bit apprehensive, but was quickly put at ease by a wonderful nurse. She completed the ultrasound (the first half of my appointment) and it was all over quickly. She didn't really say much about what the ultrasound showed, and from my position I couldn't see the screen at all. So, I pretty much had no idea whether my results were good or bad or somewhere in between.

In the second half of my appointment, when I saw the doctor, I was thrilled to discover that he had my results and shared them with me. He went through all of the different pictures and said that all of my reproductive organs they checked on the ultrasound look totally normal in size and there do not appear to be any cysts or anything of that nature. So, my ultrasound showed that from what they can see so far, I am healthy. :)

Then came the not-so-fun part: an endometrial biopsy. This was the part I dreaded because I'd read that this procedure can be both painful and/or uncomfortable. I was warned to take some kind of pain meds before arriving (which I did), but I don't think anything could have really prepared me for the intensity of the pain. All I wanted to do was get out of there as soon as possible!! Thankfully, the pain diminished relatively quickly after the procedure was complete and I am not in very much pain now at all.

During the biopsy, the doctor checked out my womb, which he said showed no signs of septum (additional tissue indicating abnormalities) or scarring. He said all looked great! Now we will need to wait for the actual biopsy results, which I should receive next Wed (30th). After this follow-up, I will be booked in for further testing - possibly a laparoscopy and/or hysterosalpingogram (HSG), as well as an ovulation kit. We are hoping that these will be the last tests required prior to getting the letter from my doctor. (What I'm reading online suggests that we have been through or will have gone through most of the common infertility tests by the time we do the laparoscopy.)

So, as far as we know, everything looks good to this point from my doctor's perspective, which is a big blessing! Another blessing from the past week is that our Tennessee clearance was finally completed. The person from TN was having difficulty getting the clearance faxed to our social worker (Julie) though, so I'm not sure if it's with Julie yet or not. When Julie does receive the clearance, our home study should be wrapped up pretty quickly. If all keeps moving with both the clearance/home study and my doctor's appointments, then we could probably be looking at beginning matching within the next month or so. I am soo excited!!

That's about all the big news with our adoption for now. We are excited to see what God will do in the coming days in continuing to provide for our financial needs for our adoption and also in opening all the doors for things to go smoothly. Thanks so much for your support and prayers!

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