Thursday, April 14, 2011


I received a very exciting email last night from our social worker, Julie: our clearance from Tennessee that we've been waiting so long for (almost 5 months now) is DONE!!! Not only that, it's in Julie's hands, which has been a big part of the drama (problems with fax numbers, etc). This means that Julie now has everything she needs to compose our actual home study report which will be sent to our adoption agency. She is currently working on the rough draft of that; when it is complete, she will send us a copy to review. Then, she'll make any necessary changes and will send it on to our adoption agency!

We are soo excited about this progress towards getting our file completed with Nightlight. Having our home study completed will represent a significant chunk of our adoption process being done. This takes us beyond just filling out an application for an agency...this means (in the eyes of our agency) we are serious about adopting. :D It also enables us to look into adoption grants if we want to, since most organizations require you to have completed your home study before you can apply for grants.

As far as infertility testing goes, there is still more to be done. I should be having a test done next week to ensure my fallopian tubes are not blocked, followed by 3 months of ovulation testing (from home). So, in July we should be receiving a letter (assuming all goes well) saying that I can carry a baby and we can really move forward in our adoption. (The doctor's letter is the last thing we need to begin matching.)

We have had some people ask us about praying for us to conceive naturally. Of course, we cannot control your prayer life...however, we wholeheartedly believe that God has led us to adopt our first child, and we ask that you respect that. Also, we would ask that people not try to give us advice on our (to this point unexplained) infertility and how we can overcome that. We believe that in God's time, if it is His will, we will have no problems conceiving. Conversations revolving around how to get pregnant not only raise a somewhat sensitive topic, but are also typically very awkward for us. We appreciate your sensitivity with regards to these topics and are very grateful for your support.