Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hey world. :)

Just thought I'd stop by to scribble a little note to you, telling you all about the latest happenings of the last couple of weeks. I can hardly believe it's been weeks since I was last here...boy the days fly!

So, what's up?

Well, not much, but a whole lot, all at the same time. Sounds confusing, eh? Let me explain...

You're probably all getting a bit tired of me repeating which pieces of paper we're waiting for, but I'm gonna say it one more time, just in case you've forgotten. We've been waiting on child abuse clearances from TN and AL, and have been working towards getting a doctor's letter saying I can physically carry a baby.

The clearances should have been simple and straightforward, but...three months later they still weren't in the hands of our home study provider, Julie. So, I took matters into my own hands and contacted people in both states, telling them we had been waiting a long time and something needed to move. Well, I guess I made an impression or something, because I got replies within one day of writing, and both people said they would get the clearances done ASAP. Awesome! Well, unfortunately, TN is being very slow, and we still don't have that clearance. But, we DO have the AL clearance! :D God is good.

As far as the doctor's letter goes, that's where things start to get just a tiny bit complicated. We have been going through infertility testing to ascertain why we haven't been able to conceive in almost three years. This has involved lots of blood work and the like to this point. However, my gynecologist has not been able to find anything wrong, and Caleb's results also show that things are pretty normal. So, my GYN, Deb, referred me out to another doctor who is able to do more extensive testing than is available on post.

I just visited my new GYN, Dr Warren (who is awesome btw) on Friday last week. I asked him about getting the letter for our adoption, but he would like to wait until we finish our testing so that he can concretely and without hesitation give me the all clear for being able to carry. I was just a little bit disappointed to have to continue waiting, but I fully understand the need to check every possibility before getting the letter.

So, the testing continues. I have a doc appointment scheduled for the 22nd of March (two more invasive tests being done this day), then at some point after that I'll most likely have a laparoscopy done. After that...who knows what other testing will be involved. We'll just have to wait and see.

God has really blessed our adoption fund. We now have 60% of the total needed to pay for our adoption!!

Thank you to all who have been praying for and encouraging us as we walk this long journey to bring our little one home. We love you!

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