Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some good news!

Today was a great day in terms of progress for our adoption. I checked my email first thing this morning because I've been so eagerly awaiting news on progress of our home study. I was soo excited to find an email waiting from Julie saying that our home study is just about complete and should be in the mail no later than Saturday (we are waiting on her stamp with her renewed social work licence info on it). We are thrilled that our home study is wrapping up! Despite all the hold-ups, Julie has been wonderful - very patient and helpful.

Today was my appointment for my HSG test at the local medical center. It took a bit longer to get through admissions and everything, but the people were super nice. My usual doc performed most of the procedure (except the actual X-ray); it was kinda nice to see a familiar face. :) The nurses were very friendly too and explained everything to me ahead of time. It turned out to be a much more painful procedure than I had anticipated (and I'd taken 600mg of painkillers beforehand), but the pain subsided within an hour or so. But, the great news is that my fallopian tubes look normal and are completely open - that is, there are NO blockages! So, this puts us on track to getting the doctor's letter we need once my ovulation testing is complete (unless the doc wants to do further tests).

Here's the possible timeline we're looking at at the moment. It looks like I should be wrapping up ovulation testing around the end of June. (A lot depends on the doc though; he can easily add an extra month of testing or add more tests.) From what I've read, there aren't a whole lot more tests that are standard practice to do for infertility, so I'm really really hoping after the ovulation testing I will be DONE with testing.

Assuming all goes well with my doc and I walk out with a letter sometime in July, we could be starting matching in late July/early August!! We are so excited about the possibility of moving forward and getting one step closer to growing our family with a little baby. :)

We'll keep you posted!

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  1. Hurray! Glad to hear it's all going well :)